What Do Those Titles Mean?



Conformation Titles – the dog is judged against its breed standard for its conformation, movement and how well it exemplifies the breed.

CH – Champion: A dog must obtain 10 points from various judges against other dogs of its breed to obtain its Championship

GCH – Grand Champion: a championship plus 20 points required

BIS – Best In Show: awarded to the top dog judged the best at a conformation show against all dogs competing.

BPIS- Best Puppy in Show: awarded to the puppy judged the best against all other puppies at a conformation show

BBPIS- Best Baby Puppy in Show: awarded to the puppy judged the best against all other baby puppies at a conformation show

BISS – Best in Specialty Show: awarded to the dog judged the best at a conformation single breed show

BPISS- Best Puppy in Specialty Show: awarded to the dog judged the best at a conformation single breed show



Dogs are evaluated on their ability to perform basic exercises as well as their ability to demonstrate good manners in everyday situations.  Sasha completed her Canine Good Neighbor Title at 9 months of age by completing these 12 Tests

  1. Accepting A Friendly Stranger

  2. Politely Accepts Petting

  3. Appearance and Grooming

  4. Out For A Walk

  5. Walking Through A Crowd

  6. Sit/Down On Command and Stay In Place

  7. Come When Called

  8. Praise/Interaction

  9. Reaction To A Passing Dog

  10. Reaction To Distractions

  11. Supervised Isolation

  12. Walking Through A Door/Gate



CKC Rally is a companion sport to CKC Obedience requiring teamwork between dog and handler, along with similar performance skills. The chief objective of rally is to provide a fast-moving and motivational activity that demonstrates the competency of handler and dog in performing basic obedience exercises with willingness and enjoyment.

RN – Rally Novice
RA – Rally Advanced
RE – Rally Excellent
RAE – Rally Advanced Excellent



The basic objective of obedience trials is to produce dogs that have been trained to behave in the home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs, in a manner that reflects credit on the sport of obedience. 

Obedience is a sport in which all contestants in a class are required to perform the same exercises in substantially the same way so that the relative quality of the various performances may be compared and scored. 

 Pre-companion dog (PCD) 

  1. Heel on Leash 

  2. Figure 8 

  3. Sit for Examination 

  4. Recall 

  5. 1 min Group Sit or Down Exercise 

Companion Dog (CD)  

  1. Heel On Leash

  2. Figure 8 

  3. Stand for Examination 

  4. Heel Free 

  5. Recall 

  6. Group Sit (1 min)  & Down (3 min) Exercises 



AGN- Agility dog Novice

JT- Jumps & Tunnels- 3 qualifying runs from two different judges

JTX - 10 qualifying runs from two different judges

Agility is fast moving, challenging and energetic activity enjoyed immensely by dogs and handlers alike.  Dogs work off lead and are guided by the signals and voice commands of their handlers. They speed around an intricate course over or through a variety of obstacles, including jumps, tunnels, weave poles, even a teeter totter and must complete the course cleanly, within the time allowed.  



My dogs are certified through Therapeutic Paws of Canada as a Therapy Dog and have accumulated hours through visits to retirement communities and schools to achieve the title Therapy Dog Novice (ThDN)

A Therapy dog team improves the lives of those they have visited in schools, hospitals, and nursing homes for example.   To be certified the dog and handler need to pass a test designed to simulate a visit with a therapy dog at a facility and then complete 4 on the job training sessions.  

Testing Requirements Summary:

  • Coming When Called

  • Sit and Down on Command (Staying in one place)

  • Reactions to Distractions 

  • Accepting a Friendly Stranger

  • Sitting Politely for Petting

  • Out for a Walk (Walking on a close leash)

  • Walking Through a Crowd

  • Reaction to Another Dog

  • Reaction to Medical Equipment (walkers, wheelchairs, canes, crutches) 

  • Recovery from Startle (dropping metal dish) 

  • Reaction to Simulated Medical and Mental Health Patients

  • Leave It (refuse food left on floor and child’s stuffed toy)

  • Supervised Separation (time – one minute)

  • Say Hello

  • Appearance and Grooming



Do More With Your Dog

Do More With Your Dog!® is the official sanctioning and organizing body for the sport of Dog Tricks. Teaching tricks establishes a pattern of learning, teaches skills and focus, is a positive method of training, and promotes a bond between canine and human. Dog trainers tend to train the hardest when working towardthis goal, while allowing them to earn their title on their own time.

Testing Requirements Summary:


  • 15 tricks

  • Adv. and Expert tricks count as two tricks


  • 12 tricks at intermediate level


  • 5 advanced tricks


  • 5 expert level tricks


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