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Graduate from Ontario Tech University with a strong business management perspective. Adept in managing project timelines, able to develop client and employee specific end user training. Proficient leadership and team building skills, mentoring others with delivery strategies and internal processes. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills allowing to connect and engage with clients and employees.


Word, Excel, Access, BCA, VBA, JAVA, Python, SAP ERP, IBM SPSS, Tableau, Recruitment, Training, HR Planning, Change Management, Workplace Laws & Regulations, Consumer Behaviour, Negotiation Theory, HR Strategy Creation & Execution, Administrative Expert, Employee Experience Expertise, Analytical and Data-Driven, Strong Command of Technology, Consulting & Advising.


Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Majoring in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management

Minor in Marketing • Ontario Tech University • Oshawa, ON • 2022 • 3.61


Recruitment & Training- Capstone RacerX

• Developed a recruitment and selection process from the ground up for a start up company through the use of Touchstone.

• After performing a broad application screening conducted long multi-stage interviews guided from the Topgrading methodology.

• After selecting a candidate, performed high quality training readying them for the work they will complete.

• When the term was done we have successfully hired and trained a high quality employee.

Team Lead- Springfree Trampoline

• Practiced client service and conflict resolution techniques. Including conciliation, meditation and negotiation with clients and employees.

• Applied marketing processes in sales and product research. Analyzing what clients want and what would work best for them.

• Learned to rigorously enforce safety measures and protocols. Keeping customers and employees safe.

• Lead in a team orientated environment. Allowing everyone to work to their strong suits, accomplishing their tasks.

Customer Support-Walmart 

• Practiced customer service and employee relation strategies. Addressing customer complaints and allowing for open communication and constant feedback

with employees.

• Worked closely in a team environment practicing verbal and communication skills. Confirming workers tasks and duties in the work place.

• Maintained security and safety standards in the work place. Keeping customers and employees safe at all times.

• Delegated tasks to employees based on qualifications and talents. Calculating where certain workers will excel and be most suited.


Management of Change

Ontario Tech University • 2022 • Change Leadership

Developed skills on how to demonstrate and facilitate change in the work place through activities and processes designed to change individuals, groups, and organizational processes, systems and structures.

PROJECT: Discussed Apple's rigorous back to work policies and how apple could use change management in

order to consider a hybrid/work from home model.

Consumer Behavior

Ontario Tech University • 2020 • 5 Forces That Impact Consumer Behavior

Learned how people act and what drives them to make the choices that they do and how to use this information for the betterment of an organization.

PROJECT: Set out to test, measure and analyze the reactions that subtle changes in sensory effects have on a consumer in a car advertisement.

Strategic Management

Ontario Tech University • 2022 • Competitive Business Environment

Learned and applied key concepts in strategic management, including industry forces, generic strategies, resource-based analysis, blue ocean strategy, and complementarities as well as the competitive business environment that firms face within industry sectors.

PROJECT: Analyzed and reported on the effects of strategic management at Costco, Netflix, The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, HTC and Marvel.

Information Systems

Ontario Tech University • 2022 • Database Systems

Explored the advantages and the use of information systems in a business environment to provide an organization structure and competitive advantage in a workplace environment.

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